Food Chemistry & Agricultural Chemistry

Agricultural and food chemistry is the discipline that takes care of the important task of expanding the food supply of the country. The two categories that form this department are fundamental science and applied research and development. Basic research understands the biological and chemical processes by which crops and livestock evolve. The knowledge acquired from basic research is used by applied research to discover ways to improve the efficiency, quantity, and protection of agricultural products. Agricultural and food chemists dive into all aspects of crop and animal production, food protection, quality, nutrition, manufacturing, packaging and use of materials, all of which relate to their shared objective of providing adequate nutritious food and feed to sustainably support the population while being responsible for our environment and ecosystem.

  • Track 1-1 Basic research in agricultural and food chemistry
  • Track 2-2 Applied research and development in agricultural and food chemistry
  • Track 3-3 Biological processes
  • Track 4-4 Chemical processes

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